Funding Priorities

In an effort to advance areas the Foundation's Board considers to be significant in the health care field, the Foundation has established Funding Priorities.


Justice-involved people experience disproportionately higher rates of infectious and chronic diseases, substance abuse, mental illness, and trauma than the general population. As such, jails and prisons represent one of the largest target populations for public health services in America, and are important sites for improving the overall health and well-being of communities.


"Violence is a terrible burden on young people, families, neighborhoods, cities and taxpayers. Violence incurs costs that cannot be easily calculated, such as the potential of young lives lost too soon, reduced quality of life, and neighborhoods where people neither trust each other nor venture outside due to fear. Further, we incur enormous costs related to medical care, criminal justice, social services and law enforcement for every incident of violence that is not prevented." - The Prevention Institute

The Langeloth Foundation views violence and its impact on communities as a public health crisis. The Foundation is interested in projects that seek to end the cycle of violence at a community level using a public health approach. Programs focusing on fostering collaboration between agencies, advancing policy reform and systems change, leadership development, and coordinating public and private funding streams will be prioritized.