General Questions

If I want to submit a letter of intent to the Foundation do I have to create an account by registering on the website?

Yes, if you want to submit a letter of intent you must first register on the website.

Do I need to create a title for my proposed project in the letter of intent?

Yes, you must have a preliminary title for the proposed project. You may, however, change the title if you are asked to submit a full proposal.

Does the Foundation accept calls concerning project ideas prior to drafting a letter of intent?

Calls and/or emails to discuss a project idea are welcome. This often helps to prevent unnecessary work on submissions that do not meet the Foundation's criteria. Please contact Andrea Fionda at to discuss a potential project.

How many letters of intent may be submitted at one time?

An organization may submit more than one letter of intent for each funding period. You must complete a separate registration with a unique username for each letter of intent you wish to submit.

If I'm having trouble registering or accessing my account what should I do?

Questions regarding technical problems should be addressed to Melissa Houston at

If I register a project but don't submit a letter of intent by the submission deadline what happens?

When a project is registered and a letter of intent is not received in time for the next deadline the project will be deleted. You will need to re-register if you wish to submit the project at a later date.

Does the Foundation support projects focusing on children or end-of-life issues?


Does the Foundation support prevention projects?


Does the Foundation make awards to organizations outside New York State? If so, what are the requirements?

The Foundation will support projects from outside New York State. However, to be considered for funding the project must hold promise of national impact or extensive replication.

Is the deadline date the post-marked or received date?

All deadlines are "received by", not "post-marked by" dates.