Reviewer FAQ

In order to review a proposal, do I have to register on the Foundation's Website?
Yes. Proposal reviews are submitted online, so reviewers must create a Reviewer Account to have access to proposals, review instructions, and forms.

Do I have to submit my review online or may I submit it to the Foundation via regular mail?
All reviews must be submitted to the Foundation online.

Will I receive a hard copy of the proposal?
You will NOT receive a hard copy of the proposal.

Are reviews anonymous?
Yes. However, applicants will have access to anonymous reviewer comments after a funding decision has been made.

If I agree to review, is there any future commitment to the Foundation?
No, this is a one time only commitment. With your permission, we may contact you for future reviews, which you may accept or decline at your discretion.

How much time do I have to complete a review and how long are proposals?
In most cases reviewers are given 2-3 weeks to complete a review. Proposals are 7 single-sided pages, plus budgets and a few attachments (resume summaries, letters of agreement, logic models etc.)

How will I know when a proposal is available for my review?
You will be notified via email when a proposal is ready to be reviewed. Please adjust your junk mail filter so that messages from can get through.

If I'm having trouble registering or accessing my account what should I do?
Please contact Melissa Houston at

Does the Foundation pay reviewers?
The Foundation offers a small honorarium to reviewers. Please contact for more information.