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Correctional Health


$364,845 over 36 months

Designing, piloting and disseminating a model multidisciplinary geriatrics program to assess and improve the care of older jail inmates

The main goals of this project are: (1) To conduct a needs assessment of health care providers, public defenders, judges, social workers and jail correctional staff to determine the most important health-related training goals for those who provide services to older jail inmates; (2) to assess the health, cognition, functional status and health care needs of older jail inmates; (3) To determine current gaps in post-release health care plans of older jail inmates; (4) To design, pilot and disseminate a model multidisciplinary jail-based geriatric consultation and training service based on the information learned from goals (1-3). The consultation service will be created as a partnership between jail health leadership, members of the public defender's office, and faculty at the University of California, San Francisco which will have the added benefit of introducing medical and nursing students, residents and fellows to the importance of caring for this hidden, vulnerable population.

Contact:Brie Williams, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Address: 4150 Clement Street - SFVAMC, Box 181-GSan Francisco, CA 94121

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