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$256,625 over 24 months

Rethinking Solitary Confinement:A Training Program for Justice Journalists

A two-year program to nurture and incubate fact-based reporting at local and national levels on the practice of solitary confinement, focusing in particular on its harmful effects on the mental and physical health of justice-involved populations.

The program includes a two-day symposium and skills workshop at John Jay College to introduce journalists to current research, legislative policy approaches, and best practices underway to ameliorate or prohibit administrative segregation in jails and prisons, with the aim of producing projects that can deepen public debate and accelerate policy change. The Center will also commission a series of individual reporting projects on key criminal justice areas that can be addressed through public health approaches, including solitary confinement and other corrections challenges, and gun violence, for publication on the expanded national multi-media news and research platform, The Crime Report.

Contact:Stephen Handelman, Director
Address: 524 W. 59th St. BMW 602, New york, NY 10019