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Correctional Health

2017$300,000 over 36 months
Bard Prison Initiative
Public Health Fellowship Program for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

The Bard Prison Initiative will expand its academic program in public health for incarcerated students and newly launched public health fellowship program that empowers formerly incarcerated individuals to achieve positions of leadership in the field.
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2017$400,000 over 24 months
The Marshall Project
Raising Public Awareness of Health and Mental Health Issues in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

The Marshall Project is committed to reporting on the intersection of health and mental health in the U.S. criminal justice system. The primary objective is for the news coverage to promote a sense of urgency for key decision-makers, including public officials and practitioners in the criminal justice system and health officials, to address health and mental health care problems for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated.
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Health Care Policy

2017$300,000 over 24 months
The New York Immigration Coalition
Improving Quality and Reach of Access & Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants/Project

his project builds on current progress creating a statewide movement for coverage for all state residents regardless of immigration status, through advocacy, organizing, base-building, public education, earned media, and coalition building.
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Correctional Health

2017$175,000 over 24 months
Solitary Watch
Solitary Confinement Investigative Reporting Project

To support the national campaign to end long-term solitary by supplying vital quantitative and qualitative data in states where such information can help spur or advance local advocacy movements.
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2017$555,563 over 36 months
American Friends Service Committee
Organizing Against the Treatment Industrial Complex

A national effort to push back against the dangerous shift of for-profit prison corporations towards community corrections and alternatives to incarceration.
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Community Violence

2017$450,000 over 36 months
Prevention Institute
Coalescing National Leadership to Maintain Prevention Gains and Foster Innovations for Community Safety

This project will support cities and communities to continue to improve community safety by: 1) capturing the most up-to-date models and approaches, including incorporating a racial equity lens, and disseminating guidance to shape effective practice; 2) supporting continued innovation to overcome specific challenges, such as funding and measurement; and, 3) countering an emergent national narrative that elevates the role of law enforcement while undermining the efficacy and critical role of prevention in achieving community safety.
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2017$150,000 over 12 months
NYU School of Medicine Center for Health and Human Rights
Protecting and Promoting the Health and Human Rights of Detained Immigrants

The goal of the Immigration Detention Health Resource Project (IDHRP) is to protect and to promote the health and human rights of non-criminal immigrant detainees by utilizing the knowledge and skills of health professionals.

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Community Violence

2017$250,039 over 24 months
University of California, Davis
Firearm Violence Research Fellowship

Postdoctoral scholarship for a 2-year mentored fellowship in firearm violence research. The fellow will participate in ongoing research, design and conduct independent research, and receive advanced, personalized training to support a career commitment to work in this field. Special attention will be given to translating research results into effective violence prevention policies and programs.
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