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Community Violence

2016$306,300 over 36 months
Neighborhood Funders Group
Funders for Justice

The project will engage funders in issues of community health and healing, distribution of public and philanthropic resources to building healthy communities, and ending discriminatory policing and the mass criminalization and state violence against communities of color. Funders will receive resources ranging from community rapid response needs to resources for envisioning and resourcing long-term change.
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Correctional Health

2016$880,123 over 60 months
ACLU National Prison Project
Stop Solitary National Campaign Coordinator

This project funds a National Campaign Coordinator to work under the direction of a Steering Committee of key groups in the reform solitary confinement movement in order to systematize communication and coordination across the movement; provide technical assistance to advocates in state campaigns and connect campaigners to share strategies across both adult and youth Stop Solitary campaigns; expand the movement nationally; and use resources more effectively and efficiently.
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2015$206,348 over 36 months
Jesuit Social Research Institute, Loyola University New Orleans
Private Prison Human Rights Implementation
The goal of this multi-year, shareholder engagement project is to promote and protect human rights at prisons and detention centers operated by Corrections Corporation of America and The Geo Group, Inc., by having both companies fully implement policies consistent with the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights. Objectives include: 1) Having the companies develop and implement effective training on human rights for their front-line personnel, executive leadership, and the inmates and detainees in their custody; and 2) Having the companies commit to tracking, demonstrating, and reporting in detail to shareholders on the implementation of their human rights policies and the impacts those policies are making.
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2015$450,000 over 36 months
Correctional Association of NY
End Solitary Confinement in NY

The Correctional Association will lead a campaign to advocate that New York State end the torture of solitary confinement and utilize alternatives that improve the health and well-being of people and communities.
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Community Violence

2015$315,152 over 36 months
Strengthening Chicago's Youth
Strengthening Chicago's Youth (SCY)

Promoting Policy and Systems Change to Prevent Violence: Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital's violence prevention collaborative, Strengthening Chicago’s Youth (SCY), is at the forefront of efforts to take a public health approach to violence in Chicago. Promoting Policy and Systems Change to Prevent Violence, will bring SCY’s policy work to scale and mobilize its partners to action around strategies that are effective in reducing violence.
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Correctional Health

2015$322,695 over 36 months
University of California, San Francisco
The Health Risks and Costs of Solitary Confinement: Advancing Medical Evidence for Policy Reform

This project will be the first to: (1) conduct a comprehensive analysis of relevant medical literature to extrapolate the health-related risks of solitary confinement; (2) estimate its health-related economic consequences; and (3) convene a national interdisciplinary meeting of researchers, policy makers, criminal justice professionals, advocates, and other thought leaders to set the agenda for achieving evidence-based reform of solitary confinement policy and practice in the U.S.
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Community Violence

2015$325,419 over 36 months
Community Partners fbo Urban Peace Institute
Advancing Community Violence Reduction Strategies in Watts

Urban Peace Institute will leverage current efforts toward the development of a regional strategy that will 1) strengthen the coordination of present safety strategies in the Watts community, as well as 2) expand elements of that work with residents and stakeholders in neighboring areas.
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2015$75,000 over 36 months
Executives' Alliance
Executives' Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color

Executives' Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color: This grant will support the infrastructure necessary to support The Executives' Alliance bold vision that all boys and men of color will enjoy full opportunity and inclusion in all opportunities America has to offer.
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