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The Langeloth Foundation Announces Spring 2015 Grants
The Foundation awarded more than $2 Million in the spring 2015 grant making cycle.

The mid-year grant awards were given to nine organizations working on a range of issues.


Featured Grants

Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services

New York County Behavioral Health Diversion Forum

CASES will partner with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to convene the New York County Behavioral Health Diversion Forum, a group including government agencies, criminal justice stakeholders, advocacy and consumer groups, and treatment and service providers. The Forum will continue its work to improve access to and outcomes of diversion programs for individuals with behavioral health needs in New York County Criminal and Supreme Courts.

Jesuit Social Research Institute, Loyola University New Orleans

Private Prison Human Rights Implementation

The goal of this multi-year, shareholder engagement project is to promote and protect human rights at prisons and detention centers operated by Corrections Corporation of America and The Geo Group, Inc., by having both companies fully implement policies consistent with the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights. Objectives include: 1) Having the companies develop and implement effective training on human rights for their front-line personnel, executive leadership, and the inmates and detainees in their custody; and 2) Having the companies commit to tracking, demonstrating, and reporting in detail to shareholders on the implementation of their human rights policies and the impacts those policies are making.





The Foundation's grant-making program is centered on the concepts of health and well-being. The Foundation's purpose is to promote and support effective and creative programs, practices and policies related to healing from illness, accident, physical, social or emotional trauma, and to extend the availability of programs that promote healing to underserved populations.


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