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Langeloth Foundation Spring 2017 Grants
The Foundation awarded 13 grants totaling more than $3.7 million for spring 2017 (READ MORE)

Featured Grants

Common Justice, Vera Institute of Jutsice

Healing Works: A National Learning Collaborative for People Working with Young Men of Color Harmed by Violence and Trauma

Support to grow HealingWorks, a national learning collaborative for people working with young men of color harmed by trauma and violence, which began with the support of the Langeloth Foundation. HealingWorks aims to build a field and movement of people committed to addressing the violence young men of color experience, and to build collective knowledge, practice, and power to ensure the work is effective, accessible, and resourced.

Neighborhood Funders Group

Funders for Justice

The project will engage funders in issues of community health and healing, distribution of public and philanthropic resources to building healthy communities, and ending discriminatory policing and the mass criminalization and state violence against communities of color. Funders will receive resources ranging from community rapid response needs to resources for envisioning and resourcing long-term change.





The Foundation's grant-making program is centered on the concepts of health and well-being. The Foundation's purpose is to promote and support effective and creative programs, practices and policies related to healing from illness, accident, physical, social or emotional trauma, and to extend the availability of programs that promote healing to underserved populations.


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