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The Langeloth Foundation Announces Fall 2017 Grants
The Foundation awarded 7 grants totaling more than $2.7 million for fall 2017 (READ MORE)

Featured Grants

Center For Alternative Sentencing And Employment Services (CASES)

Expanding Solutions for Justice-Involved Populations with Behavioral Health Needs

Established nonprofit providers of alternative-to-incarceration and reentry services in New York City will receive technical assistance in navigating and leveraging New York State Medicaid Redesign to improve outcomes for justice-involved youth and adults with mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders.

Data-driven Methods for Reducing Gun Violence in American Cities

Everytown for Gun Safety will produce a first-of-its-kind survey of interventions cities can take to reduce gun violence, the evidence of their impact, and case-studies thereof. A 1000-member coalition of mayors will be surveyed to determine the practices they have adopted, including their collection, acquisition, and analysis of crime gun trace data. Everytown will develop tools that can assist in operationalizing this data for purposes of law enforcement, policy analysis, and public education.





The Foundation's grant-making program is centered on the concepts of health and well-being. The Foundation's purpose is to promote and support effective and creative programs, practices and policies related to healing from illness, accident, physical, social or emotional trauma, and to extend the availability of programs that promote healing to underserved populations.


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