The Langeloth Foundation is in a strategic spend-down and is no longer accepting applications.

Our Approach

How We Work

Equip the Field to Address Complex Problems

We support talented emerging and existing leaders, organizations, and communities to commit to substantive strategies and build power over time

Identify and elevate effective leaders in the field

Select well-positioned grantees

Prioritize multi-year grants to provide stability

Use rapid-response grants to seize windows of strategic opportunity

Facilitate peer learning and connection

We listen and respond to intelligence from the field about the strategies and opportunities that hold promise

Gather feedback from grantees and leaders on strategy and focus

Learn from the best available evidence and analysis

Maximize and Leverage Resources

We focus on systems and policy levers that can improve social determinants of health

Prioritize upstream factors that impact health

Link grassroots with policy and research organizations

Engage directly impacted communities

Support strategic communications

We leverage resources through funder partnership, collaboration, and influence

Tap into existing efforts that have momentum and are ripe for change

Participate in funder collaboratives and affinity groups

Use our own reputation and expertise to engage other funders