The Langeloth Foundation is in a strategic spend-down and is no longer accepting applications.

Our Approach

Changes We Seek

Stronger Field

A stronger field of organizations and leaders with the capacity to capitalize on momentum and work on evolving issues

Organizations are more robust

Increased power and influence of grantee organizations and field leaders

Stronger relationships and alignment

More cohesive, longer-term strategies

More evidence-based work that is informed by the input and experience of affected populations

Greater capacity to use communications and narrative

Policy Changes

Policy changes that improve how systems operate, reduce inequities, and positively affect people’s well-being

Improved issue awareness, framing, prioritization

Stronger coalitions/advocate alignment

Increased community mobilization

Improved public and political will

Generation of quality policy solutions

Policy change and implementation

Systemic Changes

System changes that bring about lasting benefits to people, including changes in underlying structures, policies, resource flows, relationships, practices, values, and mindsets that guide how a system operates.

Shifts in guiding narratives, norms, and mindsets

Aligned values and principles across key actors in the system

Higher quality services and supports to people affected by the system

System standards and infrastructure that address inequity and support good practice